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Regeneration Nation Costa Rica

Jul 15, 2021

Listen in on this conversation that was recorded by Brandy Heyde Montague interviewing me for her podcast “For Animals For Earth”.   She was intrigued by the term Ecological Impact Center and asked if I’d be a guest on her show


I met Brandy thanks to her offer to read through and give feedback on what’s become my first eBook, exploring permaculture and how we can apply it to our lifestyles.  You can download the book for free at


I’ve decided to rebroadcast this two-part interview, to help you get a better feel for me and why this podcast has come into being.  I’m also buying myself time while I compile notes for a recap episode, contemplating the many things I’ve learned on my podcast journey so far.


In this first half of the interview, we talk about what an impact center is, and then I get into story-telling mode. Brandy asked me how I came to buy land in Costa Rica. My attempt at a “short answer” turned into a 20-minute adventure down memory lane.  I also go off a bit, sharing my thoughts on forgiveness of self and others as a core skill to develop when building community.


 Make sure to subscribe to the podcast for immediate access to Part 2, as soon as it’s released.  In part 2 of the interview, I share some advice for travelers that want to visit places like this, as well as my take on volunteering.  


Special thanks to Peter Mukuru for editing this episode!

Music: Rite of Passage by Kevin MacLeod



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