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Regeneration Nation Costa Rica

Dec 2, 2020

   In today’s episode, we visit with Ed Bernhardt at the New Dawn Center/Finca Alba Nueva, in Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica.  Ed is a deep ecologist, and author for several newspaper & magazine articles in Costa Rica, including the Tico times.  Ed shares with us tips for soil building & supporting your plant’s immune system with a recipe that he calls “kombucha for the plants,”  He also shares stories about what it was like to homestead in the 80’s, in Costa Rica, while teaching organic gardening to the locals from young school children to University students.  Ed is developing an online course to continue reaching out to those who are willing to receive the wisdom that he has to share, earned over 40 years of gardening in the tropics.  Ed also grows a variety of medicinal plants that he processes with his wife for sales at the local farmer’s market. 

   If Ed’s description of his bio-ferments has you wanting more, be sure to check out the YouTube video that we created, where we take you right out into his back yard where he has it bubbling. 

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