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Regeneration Nation Costa Rica

Jan 17, 2021

Welcome to the world of Ancel Mitchel, herbalist, storyteller, chocolatier, and overall quality human being. In today’s episode, we dive into the value of connecting with & supporting local indigenous communities, various ways that one might prepare a cacao bean, and the value of embracing the mythological roots or our plant medicines.

Ancel is one of the key players of Finca La Isla, along with her partner Peter Kring from last week’s episode. Both of these pioneers have had a lot to share. Kick back and enjoy the stories that Ancel lays out for us. It’ll be time well spent.

Also, we've create this awesome downloadable PDF that includes all the best tips and tricks we learned from Ancel in this epsiode. You can download it here: 

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We've provided a pair of unique bonus videos for you, this time.  I visited Ancel for a late-night beach-side storytelling session, the night following our interview.  It was really cool.  She shared a modernized spin on an ancient Greek story of Demeter and a Norweigan tale of Tatterhood.  I recorded them on audio and have them available for your listening delight on your YouTube Channel:
Demeter and the Old Crone

Tatterhood the Princess Twin

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Special thanks to Peter Mukuru for editing this episode!
Music: Rite of Passage by Kevin MacLeod

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