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Regeneration Nation Costa Rica

Oct 31, 2022

In today’s episode, I meet with Jonathon Conant, a seasoned performer, and coach of the aerial arts. He teaches trapeze and aerial silk skills in one of the most enriching environments a student could hope to learn them in. 

We talk at length about Jonathan's practice of guiding students to explore flow state as a tool for unlocking unrealized potentials and enriched self-awareness. 

We also talk about a number of the small touches that Jonathon places along his guests’ experience, from his first contacts with them by email down to getting them involved in cleaning up each other’s dishes after sharing a meal.

Jonathan uses the word Milieu several times in the interview. Milieu refers to the way we create and keep our space and what a significant effect that has on our guests' experiences. This applies even to their ability to assimilate what we have to offer them. 

I’ll have to say that this was probably one of the most fun interview visits I’ve been on so far.  I made sure to arrive at Jonathon’s place early in the day to get in on his morning trapeze class. I filmed a little video of the class while I was there.  Make sure to check it out on our YouTube Channel on the Farm Tour Playlist when you get a chance. Here's the link: 

See more of what Jonathon is up to at 


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Special thanks to Peter Mukuru and Ariel Poltronieri for editing this episode!

Music: Rite of Passage by Kevin MacLeod