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Regeneration Nation Costa Rica

Jan 6, 2021

Meet Peter Kring, a nurseryman & farmer who has more than 30 years of experience in tropical agriculture. Peter has introduced many valuable species into cultivation in Costa Rica and maintains a collection of over 200 species of fruit trees.  His farm, Finca la Isla, on the Caribbean coast, offers a plethora of workshops in horticulture, medicinal plants, chocolate making, fermentation, and farm to table practices.


  In today’s episode, Peter shares with us his insights into sustainability through producing goods to sell at the farmers' market.  Peter is an advocate for farmers’ markets and is the president of the committee that manages the market in Puerto Viejo.  He also touches on organic certification, what it takes, & whether it’s worth it. Beyond that, Peter shares with us his preferred soil amendments and walks us through some of his fruit forest maintenance.

We talk about a ton of farming and fruit forest maintenance tips and tricks in this episode! So, to make it easier for you - we've created this awesome PDF that contains all of Peter's best tips! You can download it here!

I hope you enjoy!


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